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We Love Family Brands

Healthcare, Plumbing, Landscaping, Trucking, Water Disposal, Warehousing, Metal, Electrical, Fabrication, Laundry, Cyber Security, Physical Security, Ecommerce, Online Business, Digital Advertising/Marketing, Highway Maintenance, Restaurants, Beauty Supplies, Food Processing, Construction, Roofing, Distribution System, Technology, Manufacturing, Consulting, Seminar Providers, Education, Etc. 



Dennis Champion works with family businesses that generate revenue between $500k -$15 million dollars. We consult for new market acquisitions, new systems acquisition, new revenue sources acquisition, strategic alliance and joint venture acquisition, cash flow optimization, exponential growth by business acquisitions, client acquisition, and turnaround management.



Phase 1: The Assessment. We begin the process with a Discovery Session assessment of your business. We look for the Wow Factor (What Option Works; the OMG (Optimization Matrix Generators™); the 9 PIDI elements, the SPC (signature product calculus), the financial engineering opportunities, the positioning possibilities, and the hidden assets. Information obtain from this session will be place into our proprietary financial engineering modeling system for analysis and what ifs scenario.

Phase 2: The Strategy. When the assessment is complete, we will give you an Assessment Report with our recommendations and strategic plan. 

Phase 3: You Decide. You decide if you want to proceed with our recommendations and strategic plan.  

Phase 4: The Plan. If you feel comfortable working with us, we will proceed with the strategic plan. 

Phase 5: The Implementation. Finally, we will implement the strategic plan with your approval.  


Once you agree with the strategic plan, we will develop a package and agree on the teams. We will proceed with the Strategic Plan according to the agreement. We will shake hands, confirm the deal, and move forward. Welcome to the Core Acquisition Strategy process.


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