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You Envision a Constant Stream of Your Ideal Business Clients Who Value Your High Worth and Enroll in Your Premium Services Without You Having To Hustle or Grand Your Way Up.

You want to learn how to Brand Yourself Superstar™ and exponent your income to breakthrough all perceived barriers; Break income barriers without sabotaging yourself.

You long to have a business coach who could see you reaching your Highest potential, and who can hold you as successful as you can exponentially grow, glow, and overflow with money abundance 

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The Key to Exponent Success

You must have a positive Money story that flows from your inner genius and plays itself out in your vision while you manifest its reality in your daily business activities.
I remember the day when I hit rock bottom. I was over my head in debt and the creditor took me to court with the expectation that the judge would force me into the slammer. But thankfully, I survived when I “accidentally” discovered the concept of my Money Story system.
Your Money Story must be congruent with your divine flow, your values, and your daily actions.
I believe in divine money flow. Money flows into me super organically. I set in motion my business Money Flow Chart
through the activation of vision, implementation, and manifestation.

My ideal high value clients come to me quickly and easily without a struggle or self-sabotage. They follow my divine masterplan: Money answers all things; therefore, "Whenever I call money into my premium coaching program, money answer Yes! I'm in" and "Whatever I say, they pay." This is not rocket science, it is the way of your super genius manifesting what is already inside of you.

Welcome to the

Sapphire Exponent Coaching Program

See what the Brand Yourself Superstar™ Sapphire Private Coaching program with the mastermind coach, Dennis Champion can accomplish For You in Your Business.

As a Sapphire Coaching client, you will get full access to my Brand Yourself Superstar™ one-of-a-kind million-dollar booster business model that will help you to massively bypass the hustle and the grand. Instead, working with me you will create a high-ticket, high premium business infrastructure platform that will propel you to break the income barriers that are holding back your exponential growth, thus bringing you face-to-face into your picture-perfect income streams.

Sapphire Private Coaching IS WONDERFUL For You If:

  • You want money breakthroughs in your business that surpasses your current quite river

  • You want to up-level yourself into stratospheric income that flows along your abundance overflow

  • You want to remove the high point pressure that comes from growing and running your business 

NO More Hustle and Grand. We will focus on the mass and scale level. We will leap straight into the revenue stream where you can develop your premium client attracting magnetic High Profit Stream System, create divine super flow funnel, design profitable offers, and lucrative luxury-edition programs that spring from your inner genius, so you can free up your time every week, and enjoy a high worth individual lifestyle.

Connect With My Famous Money Coaching. My Money Coaching brand will help you to quickly let go of useless, disempowering beliefs and start working from a new accelerated speed and force that thrusts you forward into authentic, superstar income creator, transforming you into that of a million-dollar Yes! I Can business owner, and client attractor. 

Build Your Business Strategically. I am going to show you my Quicker-than-Quick™ stay calm break limits secrets for eliminating stressors and pressures, stepping into your charisma dynamism, setting new highs, holding yourself worthy to excel in excellence, and reaching turbo level without a sweat.

What's Included in the Program

Exponent Money Roadmap System. Exponential Business Positioning Strategy Session. 2-Hour Private Virtual VIP Kick-Start Coaching Session. Dennis will start ‘working his Money Mapping genius, coaching you into vision clarity, start busting through money strangulation mindsets that have been sabotaging your success. You will eliminate Money Mind Traps and establish your Money Roadmap that will power you into the next high-income level you desire. (Value at $5,000)

Exponent Money Chemistry System. 12 Private Coaching Sessions With Dennis Champion. You will see tangible results and feel incredibly supported with every coaching session with Dennis. Coaching together, you will quickly begin to come into alignment with your Money Chemistry™ so you can implement the new strategies Dennis will be coaching you through. (30-minute private coaching calls scheduled 2 times per month for 6-Months) (value at $15,000)

Exponent Profit Accelerator™ System. 1x Private Virtual VIP Day With Dennis Champion With this virtual intensive, Dennis will coach you on exponent earning potential in ways that create greater freedom for you, align with your divine flow, and have you leading your business from your zone of genius. (Value at $7,500)

Exponent Brand Influencer™ System. 1x Coaching Session on using Instagram  as an exponent tool to increase your business income. You will get Dennis coaching, strategies, and suggestions as he reviews your Instagram business platform so you can attract more new ideal clients into your business. Review with you include: Instagram profile, caption, post strategy, influencer pathway, hashtags, link in bio, CTA, offer, story strategy, swipe up, and implementation, etc. (value at $5,000)  

Premium Support System. Unlimited And Exclusive Private Email Access To Dennis. Get your questions answered, share wins, and stay accountable. You will love how connected and supported you feel knowing Dennis is right there with you! (value at $2,500)

IG DM Call System. 3 Private IG DMs sessions for “I Need Help!” Emergency. With @dennischampionn On HIS Instagram account (value at $3,000)

BONUS - Exponent Money ManifestTool. 1x Additional 20-Minute Private Coaching in the Exponent Money Chemistry™ System. Dennis will coach you from his Exponent Money Manifest™ toolkit so you can exponent your money faster (value at $6,000)



3-month exponent coaching - $7,500
Or 3 x monthly payments of $3,250

6-month exponent coaching - $15,000
Or 6 x monthly payments of $3,250

12-month exponent coaching - $30,000
Or 12 x monthly payments of $3,250

ONLY 7 Spots Available
By Application Only

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