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Dennis Champion is a private investor, Bestselling Author with Marshall Goldsmith, James Malinchak, and Forbes Billionaire Carlos Slim. He is a Turn Around and business growth strategist in the M&A, venture capital and private equity space. Dennis is also the CEO at strategic consultants, which is a conduit for deal flow.  Sell Your Business FAST!

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My Story

My Strategic Focus: Invest in Business > Roll-Up > Go Public

As a business investor, I focus on investing, partnering, and joint venturing with companies making $500k - $20M in annual revenue.

WHO AM I: My passion for Investing in businesses began at age 12, when I started a recycling company. At 15, I started a landscaping company that gave me weekly income. At 18, I invested $5K to take a 50% stake in a construction company and made 200% profit. I took a loan to get a 50% stake in a struggling candy company. The company was a success, but it was during this time that I learn the art of business turnaround. I helped cleaning companies, taxi service, restaurants, learning centers, health shops, retail stores, etc. However, I had 3 successes and 12 dismal results.

WHAT I DO: I had to learn what when wrong and how to fix it. So, for the next five years I spent my time tweeting my business turnaround craft and financial genius skills. I invested in a restaurant partnership and began to learn how to fix distressed restaurants. Around that same time, my accountant helped me to get a contract with a multimillion-dollar company to fix its broken cashflow system. The company was bleeding on every side; 6 of its 9 branches had to be closed. I came in and within 12 months, brought the company back into profitability again.

Today, I only invest in cash positive companies with a good management team, great upsides, that makes over $500K in annual profit (EBIT), no debts, and preferable with real estate.

I Still Consult with business owners to help turnaround their struggling companies. My criterion for this service is simple: I prefer companies with over $1 million dollars of annual revenue that has debt issues. Although I invest in any sector, I prefer manufacturing, engineering, industrial, banking, B2B, and restaurants. >TALK TO ME<

HOW I WORK: Most struggling businesses will be bleeding out their cash flow. I call these companies, “Bucket with Holes" which means the more money you put into them, the more holes show up. To fix this problem, I use a proprietary financial ingenious system that will first stop the bleeding, stimulate cash flow, raise revenue, and therefore optimize profits. >TALK TO ME<

MY FRAMEWORK: I work within a framework of joint ventures and strategic partnerships. I am a board member of a global network of investors; Therefore, when you connect with me, you are getting the full backing of a powerful can-do global team. >TALK TO ME<



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.